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Pelvic Floor

Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor anatomy and how do you know if you have a problem?

Types of incontinence

If you leak, what could be causing it?

A normal Bladder.

What is an overactive bladder? Do you have one?

Hormones and Bladder Weakness
Could your bladder weakness be linked to your hormone levels? Even young women can have problems.

Bladder Irritants
What could you be drinking that might be making your leaking worse?

How much should you really be drinking?

We have the formula.

What is Stress Incontinence?

What is an Overactive Bladder?

Why see a continence physiotherapist

Younger women getting into trouble... Here's one reason.

And here's one of the offending Youtube clips... the Gyne should be struck off for what she says!

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I no longer treat this issue because there is someone in town who is incredible at this: Shelley at Fresh Start Physiotherapy. Here's her link.
Here's Shelley from Fresh Start Physiotherapy and me enjoying a bladder irritant...Ooops!
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