What's the best way to get started?

The best way to see results is to be able to start your first class knowing what you are doing and knowing that you are doing it right!

We highly recommend you book an intro session. This takes 30 minutes and is usually done privately. But we know that friends like to come together, so you can book an intro session for up to 3 people. The price remains $40 each.

At your Intro session we will learn more about you and your body - any limitations you may have, and your goals.

You will learn all the basics, like how to turn on your core, what you need to do to adjust your posture, and how the common Pilates moves are done. 

Then you are ready to jump straight in. Our instructors will keep a very close eye on you in class and help you as you go.

Intro Session Cost

Your One on One Intro session is $40. This also includes 1 free Pilates group session to make sure you get started. That's a saving of $20!

(Must be used within 3 weeks of your Intro session, non-transferable, non- refundable)

You can not book one of these through the timetable. Call or email

If you want to just come to a class without an intro session, arrive 10 minutes early, complete the participation form and be ready to join in when your class starts.

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