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Big Tree Studio and MenoStrong

Not just Pilates....Everything you need to start moving and feeling younger

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Hi, I'm Karen George

I trained as a physiotherapist. Since then I've done lots of things including having 2 wonderful children.

For the last 12 years I've run a thriving Pilates Studio, called

Big Tree Studio.

As I've worked closely with women pre and post Menopause I've seen the devastation that the lack of exercise, decrease in hormones and age can do to a woman's body ... and her mind!

I've also learned how exercise, sleep, food and mindset can help and even turn this around.

At 62 I feel 40!

I didn't start my exercise and wellness journey until I was 50, but I'm so glad I did! Yes, I am still prone to injury and I have those tired body days. I also carry a little of that menopause weight.

I've developed a keen interest in menopause and  exercise science I developed our highly successful exercise program MenoStrong. Using the latest exercise science we have designed the ultimate online program for the busy menopausal and post menopausal women.

I would love you to join us so that you too can feel and move younger in your body!

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