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Our Classes and How to Get Started

All our classes are held at 18C Morningside Road, Whangarei

 Class Types       Booking an Intro Session      How do the Classes Run

Why do Pilates?

  • You need strength to age well. Pilates builds strength safely and effectively.

  • A strong core helps with balance and posture.

  • Pilates is fun and progress is fast. 

Mat Pilates


Get strong, move easier. With no 2 classes the same, we carefully craft each session for the people in the class.


A great combination of physiotherapy, gymnastic and yoga stretches on the mat.

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Reformer Pilates


Private and  group workouts. Double your results by using the resistance built into the machines. 

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Back and Body Rehab

Contact Karen if you want to join these popular classes.


If you can't make it into class request a zoom class at the time of a mat / Flex class.

Make your request by talking or texting me in plenty of time so that I can set it up and send you the link.


This class is new to the studio and to Whangarei! A combination of rotational movements and core work to leave you feeling relaxed, moved and more youthful. It's great for all those sore post-menopausal aches.

Not just a class, it's a community


All About The Classes


Classes last 50 minutes. 


Bookings are essential - book through the website.

You do not need to attend the same classes each week. If your regular class doesn't suit, book at another time. If you want to build on your Pilates, try another type of class. 

We have all the gear, Changing space and a bathroom.

All classes are done barefoot. Wear your sports gear / t-shirt and tights. 

Remember: We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

What's the best way to get started?

It's great to start your first class knowing what you are doing.

We highly recommend you book an intro session. This takes 30 minutes and is essential if you have an injury that we need to take care of. 

You will learn all the basics, like how to turn on your core, what you need to do to adjust your posture, and how the common Pilates moves are done. 

We'll learn about your injuries and any modifications you may need to succeed. 

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Intro Session Cost

You can not book an Intro Session through the timetable. Email me using the form below.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Your One on One Intro session is $50. This also includes 1 free Pilates group session to make sure you get started. That's a saving of $25!

(Must be used within 3 weeks of your Intro session, non-transferable, non- refundable)

If you want to just come to a class without an intro session, arrive 10 minutes early, complete the participation form and be ready to join in when your class starts.

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