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Did you know that being more flexible will really help your Pilates? It will also make you feel younger and helps undo those hours spent sitting! 

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Our meditation sessions

Our weekly get-together to learn and practice meditation will be back in the new year. See the timetable.

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What Our Clients Say

"I noticed a difference really quickly. I was gardening on our steep section and didn't need a break. Nor did I have soreness the next day! Have just finished my first ten sessions."

Lynne, 62 years

"Before I started I was really stiff. Combining Pilates and Flex has really helped. I feel younger in my movements".

Jane, 63

"Primal is so much fun! I am so much stronger, more flexible and can do things I never thought I'd be able to do!"

Sarah, 48

"I've done Pilates before but I love Big Tree Pilates. I get a really hard work out - my whole body feels great after".

Rachel, 36 years

"I've been coming to Pilates for a long time now. I really feel a difference when I miss a class".

Sue, 47

We are online while we are socially Isolating.

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If you can't join in and you have a pass let me know so that I can put a freeze on your pass.

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