Your Health Kick

 Getting Ready

It has been proven that the following factors significantly increase the likelihood of weight loss success, regardless of what diet plan you are following. Do them and then let me know that you've done them.

1. Take a before photo. Now this doesn't have to be in your bra and undies, but if it is you will have a great chance to see your progress at the end of the 8 weeks. How about taking one with shorts and T'shirt and one in next to nothing. Front and side. Go on.... do it now...Done it? 

2. Do your measures. Weight measures are all very good, but women tend to change shape, that is, lose cms, before they change weight. Watch the video and if you want some help call me. You are going to need a tape measure and it's easiest to do in front of a mirror. If you don't have scales, pop in and use mine. Once you've done them enter them into the spreadsheet, save and send it to me.You complete all the yellow areas on the sheet.

3. Your big "Why". Yes, having the best reason is essential. Everyone's reason can be different, but they all must be compelling. If you want to look great for a wedding coming up, all well and good, but dig deep - why do you want to feel good? What will that mean to you? How will you feel about yourself? If you are sick of failing, what will it mean to succeed?

4. Your motivation: Choose an item of clothing - skinny jeans / dress that you want to fit after the 8 weeks. We all have one of these in our closet...hang it up where you can see it everyday.

5. Your support: You need someone to support you when times get tough. My husband is both my biggest supporter and my biggest tempter. He, like me, finds it hard to stick to resolve. If one of us strays we both stray, if one of us is firm, we're both firm. Maybe the people you live with can do this too? Maybe you can get a friend who you can text when  tempted, who will test you back "STOOOOP!!!" There are others doing this Health Kick who will support you. Let me know if I can share your mobile.

6. Score your Activity Level: Look below and decide what you are. Record it in your booklet.

Sedentary: Little or no exercises

Lightly active: Light exercises/ sports 1-3 days a weeks

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