The Sleep Well Program

Sleep Transformation for Living a Full Life

What is the Sleep Well Program?

Workshop…Personalized plan…28 Days of support, bonuses and assistance

This program is for you if you:

  • Have trouble getting to sleep or

  • Have trouble staying asleep or

  • Wake up feeling tired, grouchy, and old or

  • Have tried all that sleep ‘stuff’ and it hasn't worked or

  • All of the above!

The Sleep Well Program at a Glance

  1. Workshop: Saturday June 15th… 9am– 1pm,

                at Big Tree Studio


what’s keeping you awake, waking you in the night and preventing you from going back to sleep.


the link between your hormones, diet, activities, lifestyle and environment that help or hinder sleep.


your own Sleep Plan, understanding your priority action areas.

2. 28 days of action, assistance and bonuses

  • 4 weeks of support by email and phone to keep you on track with your plan.

  • 28 day exercise plan designed to have you sleeping like a baby.

  • A goodie bag of gifts and ideas that you can start using straight away

  • Health videos by Sheree, diving deeper into hormonal, adrenal and liver issues that may be affecting your sleep.

  • Private Facebook group to stay connected, motivated and to share successes.

Better Sleep:

  • Gives you the energy to get through your day with ease!

  • Makes you feel happier, healthier and younger!

  • Helps you balance your weight and hormones!

  • Gives you clarity, focus and the ability to get more done!

Who are your Instructors? 

Sheree Morgan (Naturopath) and Karen George (Pilates and Health Instructor) are the founders of Well Women.
They work individually and with groups of women to help them get the most out of life. This may be in areas such as weight loss, hormone control, exercise and flexibility, sleep, and mental and emotional health.


They believe that by consciously and consistently taking the right actions, anyone can live a more energetic life in a younger, healthier body.

Sleep Better in just 4 weeks!

With the knowledge, understanding and motivation you have gained in the WORKSHOP, you will be ready to start your 4 week SLEEP WELL plan. Your plan will move you step by step towards better sleep - from living a tired, half-life to waking up feeling alive.

This program is for you if:

  • You are SO ready for a good nights sleep.

  • You can acknowledge that what you are doing now is not working

  • You are open to and prepared to change

This program is not for you if:

  • Change is way too hard, and you know you won’t do it.

  • You already know everything there is about getting sleep and you’ve done it!

  • You aren’t prepared to invest time and effort on yourself

What our participants say

I'm learning the impact of stress on my sleep and now have tools to help with this, Sue, 49

"I really understand the link between food and sleep now"  Jean, 52


Step 1: Click the Enroll Now button below, fill out the form and pay to reserve your spot.

Step 2: Complete your pre-workshop questionnaire (You'll get this once you've enrolled). Join the facebook group.

Step 3: Attend the workshop and design your individual SLEEP BETTER PLAN. Use the items in your Workshop GOODIE bag to help you.

Step 4: Complete your plan over the next 28 days, with ongoing help from Sheree and Karen.

Step 5: Complete the End of Program Sleep questionnaire. Congratulate yourself!

This Program is being offered at the Introductory price of $99. Spaces are strictly limited to enable full and personalized Sleep Planning.

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