What is Qigong?

A system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, With roots in Chinese Medicine and phylosophy, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), translated as "life energy".

Practicing Yuan Gong helps to increase mental clarity, improves internal strength and stability, and helps us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support illness and negative emotions.

Rapid and impressive changes in health can occur with a Yuan Gong practice, but the more common healing scenario is a very noticeable increase in well being and a gradual alleviation of symptoms.

 8 week course:
Wednesday 10 am. $92. 
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Who is your instructor?

 Marie - Laure Darricarrere has been teaching Qigong for 8 years now, in France, and has been teaching fitness and Pilates for 3 years. She arrived in NZ 1 year ago


"Before I practiced Qigong, I was often sick: back pain, flu, sinusitis, urinary infections ....

In 2011, I attended a Qigong retreat in Sweden with a lump in my breast. I had only practiced Qigong once or twice before.

During the first healing I felt warmth throughout my chest, my heart and my whole body accompanied with a strong sense of joy and love. The same evening, when I palpated my breast, I realized that the lump had simply gone. Today, there is nothing left from this lump and nothing reappeared.

I decided to learn and to teach, to share this wisdom and to practice Qigong, to help people to have a better, healthier life.

I have been teaching for 8 years now. In France I ran classes and workshops, often to packed out rooms. I became a Qigong Master.I love seeing my many students healed".


My husband, Vincent Louys, osteopath and Qigong Master, and I arrived in New Zealand one year ago. I am teaching Pilates and Qigong around Whangarei and am really excited to be joining the team at Big Tree Studio.

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