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Start feeling younger now - with  these Pilates Work Outs.

Do one or two or do all of them to build a full class.

There is more about how to do the basics - Neutral Spine, Rib Press and Curl Up at the bottom of the page.

Part 1: How to turn on your core
Build great posture and keep out of back trouble with a neutral spine.

We want you to enjoy these sessions. They are in the order they would be in a class. Part 1, 2, and 3 are essential for any level work out to turn on your core properly while keeping back safe.

Part 2: Neutral Spine work out
Practice working your deeper core muscles.

These sessions do not replace supervised classes and you are advised to see your health professional first if you have any injuries or are prone to injury.

Part 3: Rib press work out
Work your more core  - this is a hard section - get ready to challenge yourself!
Part 4: C- Curve work out
Great back flexibility, improved core stamina.
Part 5: Rolling like a ball work out
Have fun while getting stronger.
Part 6: Back Work out
Part 7: Warm down work out
Always a must after a full work out - stretch out that back
Learn the basics before you start...
Neutral Spine

This is  perfect posture lying down. You use this position whenever you are doing Pilates exercises with at least one leg on the ground.

Strengthen your deep core muscles to hold your  spine neutral.

How to test for a neutral spine?

Lie on your back with your knees bent up, feet flat and hip distance apart. Place one hand under your back. It should fit with just enough room. If you can't get your hand under you have a flat back. If it fits too easily, with lots of spare room you are overextended.

Rib Press

Here you need to scoop your belly further to gently press your back against the mat - no room for your hand.

Use all 4 buttons, slowly pulling each one on and holding flat. Make sure you are flat on the ground from your tailbone to your ribs.

This is used whenever both legs are lifted off the mat. 

This is not an easy position to hold.

(Otherwise known as Imprinted spine)

C- Curve

This can be a subtle movement, but is also used to lift your head and shoulders off the mat.

When done correctly your tummy will not pop up. If you tummy pops up you are using you six pack.

How do you do this?

Place you thumbs on your lower ribs and your index fingers on your hip bones. Pull your ribs down towards your hips. The distance between thumb and finger gets smaller while your belly stays flat. Don't do this by moving your pelvis - keep it still and move your ribs towards it.

Miss out this section if you have neck problems.

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