The Health Kick

Welcome to Your Health Kick!


Here are all the things you need to start Your Health Kick.

Here is your Preparation Booklet. Don't skimp on any of this. If you cheat on this it's a very high likelihood that you will skimp on the food too.

The Health Kick: Here's what you've been waiting for - everything you need to know to change the way you eat.

If you have any problems with this, don't be quiet, don't be me or call me!

Karen 021 189 7004

Measuring for change:

It's really important that you measure correctly. You'll be measuring with the tape measure weekly.

Your Measurement Spreadsheet:

Save it to your computer as 'your name'. Then re-save it every-time you enter your measures. Send it to me.

Planning is Everything:

Because your success will rely on you being planned - here's a helpful planner for you. Use it every week and review it at the end so that you learn about yourself, your cheats and successes. 

The Power of your Emotions:

Do all the activities on this booklet. Practice them. Your will power will improve. your waist line will improve.

Your Recipes:

It's not that tricky really. Just follow the rules.

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